EMVTC-REMERA has served the training needs of the automotive industry since 2013. Its reputation and credibility recognized, and government accredited, automotive trade programs are now available through physical and blended learning.

Since 2013, we were using physical learning method that involves in-person teaching and hands-on training from our professional trainers. However, it was proven that using a single method in this particular TVET trades, was something to upgrade to the Distance Learning and Blended Learning.

Our Automotive Technology Program provides the skills, knowledge and attitudes for a learner to be competent in automotive skills required to carry out different tasks. Work would be undertaken in various automotive enterprises or business companies where basic automotive mechanical activities will be carried out. The basic information necessary for an individual to become aware of, and understand, the mechanical systems of automobiles.

The Course:

Modules Code Modules types and


Credit Value
Generic modules
CCM001 Occupation and training process 2
CCM102 Health, safety, security and environment at


CCM103 Workplace communication skills 3
CCM104 Basic computer applications 3
CCM105 Oral basic English Communication 3
CCM106 Basic Workplace Calculations 7
CCM107 Running Microbusiness 4


CCM108 Cost estimation 5
CCM109 Basics of Electricity 3
CCM110 Internship 30
 Core modules
TSBAM101 Car body fixing 3
TSBAM102 Engines repairing 8
TSBAM103 Starting system repairing 4
TSBAM104 Cooling system repairing 4
TSBAM105 Fuel supply system repairing 5
TSBAM106 Ignition system repairing 4
TSBAM107 Transmission line system repairing 9
TSBAM108 Brake system repairing 3
TSBAM109 Suspension/steering system (s) repairing 5
TSBAM110 Lighting system repairing 4
TSBAM111 Car maintenance 3


Program Objectives:

 Upon completion of the course requirements, you should be able to:

  • Describe the occupation and training process
  • Maintain health, safety, security and sustain environment at workplace and apply the safety rules for each service
  • Communicate effectively at the workplace
  • Use basic computer applications
  • Communicate orally in basic English
  • Perform basic workplace calculations
  • Run micro-business
  • Perform basics of electricity
  • Perform car body fixing
  • Repair engines and describe how to identify an engine mechanical problem and Understand the proper procedures to disassemble and inspect an engine
  • Repair starting system
  • Repair cooling system
  • Repair fuel supply system
  • Repair ignition system and Describe the inspecting and testing of ignition systems
  • Repair transmission line system and understand the basic principles of automatic and manual transmissions and Describe the common reasons for bearing failures
  • Repair brake system and explain brake construction, operation and Describe and troubleshoot the various brake systems including ABS systems
  • Repair suspension/steering system and describe and troubleshoot the suspension systems and Summarize wheel alignment procedures and Diagnose problems in conventional and rack and pinion steering systems
  • Repair lighting system
  • Perform car maintenance
  • Integrate workplace
  • Select and use the correct tools, equipment and service manuals for a given
  • Describe the type of fasteners, gaskets, sealants and use of a torque
  • Describe the operation and service of the electronic fuel injection and
  • Explain engine computer control system

The course is designed to provide hand on skills from practical applications with attending an automotive facilities. Because the course is based on blended learning which is an approach that combines face-to- face and online learning experiences.